‘Great things come in small packages”holds true for SIGMA BEAUTY E55 Eye Shadow Brush (travel size) – Review

One doesn’t pay heed to sayings until they happen to themselves for example “GREAT THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES”. I didn’t know the significance until I came across this little WAND OF WONDERS by Sigma Beauty. 

When I got this amazing brush by Sigma Beauty, I wasn’t much excited but once I used it, girrrrrllll I was in awe and I ain’t lying! Why was that? Let’s see that in the review


The E55 Eye Shading features a soft and dense squared brush headed with slightly rounded edges. This brush works best for an all-over application of color to the lid with lighter shades for a base.

My Experience:

I have never been much of a brush specific person, just get a sponge applicator from here and a fluffy brush from there, never paying any attention to importance of brushes. When I got this little guy from Sigma Beauty, I was like okay, just another eye shadow brush lets try out whats all the hype for. Once I tried using it, man o man, was I so wrong all my life!  Super duper amazing, worth the hype and a GAME CHANGER! 
Sigma Eye Shading Brush- E55
I got Sigma Beauty E55 Eye Shadow Brush in travel size. It has a pink small handle that is sturdy and is engraved with the sigma logo and brush name which gives a such an amazing look and easy to identify in your brush stash. Even the silver gripper has a small engraving that makes it look more amazing. The bristles are densely packed and are super soft and pick up the product nicely. There were so many eye shadows that I thought were of no good use because none of them were translated to my lids truly to their colors. When I used Sigma E55, all of those colors came to life! Such vibrancy that I had never seen before of the same shades I though worthless before. I washed it time and again and not a single hair shed! Yup I am not lying. Washing this brush is a task in its own, since it’s so dense, taking out the cleanser is so hard. When I wash my brushes, it takes the most time. But hey, for that performance, I’ll wash you a thousand times over ;-).
Sigma Eye Shading Brush- E55
Sigma Eye Shading Brush- E55

Thumbs Up for :

  • Sturdy
  • Engraving on the handle and gripper makes it look classy
  • Pink is cute ^_^
  • Easy to carry around
  • Densely packed brush
  • Picks up product nicely and transfers it completely to the lid

Thumbs down for:

  • High price tag ( but definitely worth each penny) 
  • Has to be ordered online through sigma beauty or facebook pages 
  • Washing is a task in its own

Price & Availability :

Sigma Beauty E55 eye shadow brush is available for $14.00  $18.00  at Sigma Beauty website. In Pakistan, you can order them via Just4girls.pk

Don’t forget to use March discount code SIGMASPRING on check out for 10%off on your all purchases.

My Rating :

I give it a 4/5. Only the availability is an issue for me, otherwise it’s a game changer brush for me! I would say go get it!

Have you used Sigma brushes? Which one is your favourite? Do let me know in the comments below
Stay blessed

Sherry K.


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26 thoughts on “‘Great things come in small packages”holds true for SIGMA BEAUTY E55 Eye Shadow Brush (travel size) – Review

  1. This looks like a dense brush, I can't remember the last time I purchased from Sigma. Seems like they've evolved a whole lot more since I last looked on their website. Fab review! xo

  2. Its so amazing how makeup brushes completely change the game when it comes to application! I LOVE sigma brushes soo much however the Zoeva ones are now on my radar! xxx

  3. No doubt this brush really makes a difference in eyeshadow application. However I do feel that this one does not perform as great as the other Sigma brushes. Its still good though 🙂 Nice review

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