All hail the SECRET INGREDIENT of Dewy Glowy 100 watt skin! CLAZONA Beauty oil free Base makeup – Review & Swatches



There always comes a time when you find a thing, toss it around without knowing its worth and then you rediscover it and say ” I am so sorry my dear, now nothing can do us apart I promise!!”
Well, this time I rediscovered a product to love for life too. Here I would like to thank a lovely fellow blogger & a dear friend of mine Wajiha Shakeel Ahmed of Fashion files by Wajiha, who helped me alot in this review and its comparison with Most hyped product by Mac i.e The Strobe Cream. Yeah baby now we are talking. So, the thing is after much long discussion, we (me & wajiha)  have come to a point that THIS might be a possible dupe of Mac Strobe cream. Since I have never used mac and Wajiha hasnt used this baby, we compared swatches and looks online, so if you guys have used the strobe cream and agree or disagree with any point in the review please let me know.
Enough of the blabbering (I am so excited!!! ) and getting on to the review


CLAZONA Beauty Oil Free Makeup

CLAZONA Beauty Oil Free Makeup- Ingredients

Since I haven’t found anything on the internet officially about the product or the company I cant give you the claims or description. But the word is,  this company went with the name CLARITY before and has now changed its name to Clazona beauty. To be honest, I don’t believe it because being a local cosmetic junkie, I have seen these both brands coexist in the market for past many years.
The product :
I came across Clazona beauty oil free makeup around 4 years back and didn’t buy it because I didn’t know what to do with it (and i still kick myself about it). Now after an year and half of blogging I finally decided to go after this again and found it as usual in a local cosmetics shop,though there are Clazona counters being set in some stores as well.
It comes in a small squeezable clear plastic tube with 4 color varients Gold, Dull gold, Pink &  silver. It isnt written on the bottle or anywhere else its just what I found in the shop, there might be more who knows!! 30 gm of product in just Pkr 350-400 (depending upon the seller).

My Experience :

Recently there has been a great hype about the famous MUA’s 100 watt glow and all dewy makeup. That being under discussion on many forums, many people agreed on the point that MAC’s Strobe Cream is one of the key ingredient. Now being a fan of that glow yet tight on pocket, I had to find something else for myself just to experiment. I remembered seeing this by Clazona beauty few years back when the shop keeper showed me this as a highlighter.  I searched for reviews and swatches of mac strobe cream online (since I don’t have it).  Then I looked for this highlighter by Clazona but found it in a shop selling it as a MAKEUP BASE.  I got the silver variant because it looked more close to Mac’s strobe cream. 
This is a thick cream that is highly packed with fine shimmer that feels a bit watery when applied and then dries to set in a place. After drying there is no budging at all the. It is mentioned on the tube that it is OIL FREE MAKEUP,what sort of makeup, that is for you to find! There is smell that I found identical to the famous Tibet snow that is a household name in Pakistan ! But the good part is that smell is not strong at all rather only felt when you actually smell the product, once on face its no where then! It doesn’t accentuate the pores rather kind of gives a blurring effect which is a good news for all those people who avoid highlighters because they highlight their open pores. Staying power is  simply amazing,on me it stayed on till i took off the makeup myself with a remover (mixed in base + applied over the base on high points only) that was around 7-8 hours

How to use it :

I have tried using it in various ways and i’ll let you know all of them

1. On high points only  :

I used it as highlighter over the cheek bones and my brow bone over the ponds bb cream. The result was amaizng, I got that glow over my high points only that totally accentuated the cheeks bones.

2.Beneath my base :

This experiment didn’t go well in so many ways.  First applying it all over you face and neck takes quite alot of quantity and  quick spreading as it dries up pretty fast. Other thing is it tends to loose its shine as I built up the foundation over it with my Bourjious 123 perfect. And it also gives a plasticty feel to the skin too as it dries.So this was a total failure and I suggest you don’t do it too.

3. Mixing it with Base :

I mixed half a pea size amount with my ponds bb cream and bourjious 123 perfect and it was magic!! I swear I couldn’t believe  what I was missing out all this time. Just a swirl of brush and  VOILA!  100 watt glow was there, no kidding. It gave me a nice dewy finish all over and didn’t make me look like a grease ball.

So, final verdict is either use it as a high lighter or use it mixed up in your bb cream/foundation but not as a makeup base or a primer.


CLAZONA Beauty Oil Free Makeup

CLAZONA Beauty Oil Free Makeup-Swatch

CLAZONA Beauty Oil Free Makeup-Swatch ( Blended)

Looks featuring Clazona beauty Oil free Makeup:

Thumbs up for :

  • Easily & locally available 
  • Affordable 
  • Little amount goes a long way 
  • A possible dupe for MAC Strobe cream
  • Doesn’t accentuate pores 
  • Gives a subtle glow 
  • Comes in 4 color variants 
  • Sets in place and doesn’t smudge
  • Long wear time

Thumbs down for:

  • Wierd smell
  • No description on the bottle as how to use it 
  • No proper mention as to what exactly is this OIL FREE MAKEUP.

Price & Availability :

I got this for pkr 400 (price varies according to seller). It Can be found on all local cosmetics shop  nation wide. There are small counters being set at various big cosmetics shops.

My rating :

I would give this baby a 5/5 because its an instant hit for me. If you guys are looking for a illuminator that is locally available and pocket friendly, then this is the thing for you!!


Stay blessed

Sherry k

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  1. Wow this looks great on you. Who knew a local product can work wonders. I'm impressed. Great review!

  2. Thanks for introducing these to me, didn't know about this type of make up 🙂 x

  3. Wow… Wanna give a try to this.. Do u have any idea which shade goes with wheatish to dark complexion?Btw you.are looking pretty.. Nice review as well

  4. This looks awesome i have tried mac strobe cream same three ways as well like u mentioned and mac storbe is amazing too 👍

  5. Loved working with you on this post buddy! Perfect pictures, well written review and amazing makeup looks.Looking stunning as always 🙂 Keep it up! xoxo

  6. Can i use this as a highlighter? ?? Butvi have dry skin. Plz guide me about some highlighting products.

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