Beginner’s Diary – Vol 2 (Getting To Know Yourself)

Dear Diary !! Oh how much I have missed you !! How long it has been since I pour my heart out to you ?? Well everything aside I am so glad to be talking to you again ,Oh yes I am . Well over the time I was away ,I was actually up to something. I was just Google-ing  searching for stuff. Yes you got me , about makeup but its such a basic thing ,I can’t go further without it ! I was searching what? Well about my skin 🙂 Yup you got that right buddy and I am going to share every thing today with you .I stood in front of mirror for hours (no I am not self obsessed 😐 I had had to do it )   and if you do it ,actually I encourage you to do it ,you’ll know your self much much better and that my dear, will reflect in the makeup you do and cosmetics you buy . You as me How? Well knowing your self, your skin, your tone, your requirements will help you pick the right product ! So buckle up and listen everything veeeeeeeeeerrry carefully ,I ain’t gonna repeat !

What’s my skin type :
I am Oily/Combination type . How did I get to know that you ask ? Well simple as that ,wear no makeup and observe your skin . How is it ? well mine turns out to be pretty much oily on the T-zone ( Forehead & Nose) and a little on the chin .Which turns out to be pretty dry on the cheeks (if washed with soap or anything harsh) so I got to know I have oily/combination skin. Dry skin ? well if you dont have oiliness then you have either normal or dry skin . Well normal skin lies between dry skin if that makes sense :-/

What’s My Skin Tone:
Knowing skin tone is pretty tricky I tell you. What I learnt I applied on me . This is what you have to do

  • Stand infront of your bathroom mirror(preferably bathroom should be white with good lighting).Wrap up your self with a white towel so that your neck and shoulders stay bare. Wrap up your hair and look straight ahead at yourself (contemplate and compliment your beauty for a while :D) . Now what shade do you see in you skin? If you see a greenish/yellowish hue you are WARM toned and if you seem like blue/pink skined you are COOL toned
  • A quick way to do this is just look at the veins on the inner side of your wrist . If they appear GREEN,you are WARM toned and if they appear BLUE you have COOL skin tone
so this comes down to this
—–> Green/Yellow = WARM TONE
—–> Blue/Pink   = COOL TONE 
then there is further subdivision whether you are pink pr olive and stuff … well lets make it easy again
Sub Tones : 
Warm – Olive/ Yellow
Cool – Pink/ Golden
this depends on how good are you at discerning the colors . Mostly Asian skin tones are warm and olive but I said MOSTLY . you can be COOL and Asian at the same time so no worries okay ?
Now , here comes a confession ! I have been using wrong foundation shade all my life 🙁 YES !! I am warm toned with a tint of yellow and I was using natural Ivory all this time which is actually for COOL skin tone. No wonder I look so ashen and ghastly pale in all those picture which I tend to blame on the  camera flash up till now !! This happens when you don;t know your skin tone and go get a foundation for your self ! I repeat again KNOW YOUR SELF !! This will help you buy wisely and you won’t have regrets afterwards.
Now skin type and skin tone done , lets get to face shape ! Here are a few pictures that I found that would help you knowing your face shape
Face Shapes

Now how this turns out to be helpful ? Well the thing is every face shape has its own perks. You need to do everything a tad bit different with each face shape like where to apply blush and how to contour , where to highlight to get that lift you always wanted .Here is a picture to give you an idea. I’ll discuss it later on when we’ll talk about doing makeup like the basic stuff not something pro or anything.
Blush,Bronzer & Highlighter-According to face shape
 So, my dearest of ,keeper of my secrets I have spilled everything I learnt . I hope you get to know things before you go on cosmetic hunt and return all victorious, because I have learned it the hard way . 
Time to go sweets , need to do stuff ,need to arrange stuff , need to write stuff, and need to stuff stuff 😀 .
P.s Billu (my cat 1 of the 4 ) Says Hi to you ! He even signed the page so that  you might not think he doesn’t love you. BTW sometimes he gets all that cry baby and doesn’t let me write to you. I am working on it , Making him a real MAN  CAT ! 
Till next time buddy !
Sherry K. & Billu 
xoxo & Meows 

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