Beauty UK Post Pout (Corally Incorrect)- Review & Swatch

Lip crayons are all the rage and coral is the color of summer. So when I found this amazing ,pocket friendly lip crayon by Beauty UK ,I had to try it ! Trying it again and again , I am reviewing it today  …did I find it worth recommending ? Lets check it out

Beauty UK Posh Pout- Corally Incorrect:

Another exciting addition to our POSH range.

Available in 6 new fabulous shades of pout perfecting power!

These funky, chunky lip crayons shade the lips with a moisture rich, long lasting punch of vibrant colour!

Beauty UK Posh Pout- Corally Incorrect

<img src=" as it is actually a balm stain so it has a glossy finish which stays for a good 2-3 hours depending on how you carry it and then fades with an even staining of lips that stays about 5-6 hours on me with eating and drinking . It transfers very less so that is another plus point ! I haven't used Revlon balm stains so I can't compare in any way but in a half price tag of  them I think these work pretty decent. One should scrub their lips before using Posh pout ( or any other lip product) as it accentuates the dead epidermis on your lips (not always but sometimes)

Beauty UK Posh Pout- Corally Incorrect

You Would Like:

  • Super cute packaging
  • Long staying power
  • Fades evenly
  • Good color payoff
  • Affordable price

You Might Not Like:

  • Accentuates dead skin on you lips
  • Minty smell and flavor 

Where to get it ?

You can buy Beauty UK Posh pout from 

Beauty Arena


for Pkr 560/-. They have all 6 colors available with them.

Will I buy again ?


 YES !

Rating :

I would give it a



This lip crayon is a must have this summer and has been my staple ever since I got it .Totally recommended !

Have you tried Beauty UK’s Posh Pout yet ? What is your take on Lip Crayons ? Do let me know in the comments box below !!

Stay blessed

Sherry K.


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