Music Flower Eyeliners – Review & swatch

Hello lovelies ! it was such a super busy week that I couldn’t manage to write anything even if i wanted to . But my favorite time of the week is here so its time to indulge in some other beauty product 😀 Today I am reviewing Music Flower Eyeliners in Blue & Purple. Those who have read my previous posts would know I truly love to play with colors on my eyes be it mascara or liners. So I came across these pretty little things and I knew instantly I wanted these beyond any doubt ( Thanks to my best friend who always tells me to get such stuff and then put it on too 😛 ) .Enough rambling now back to eyeliners 😀

The Product:

These liners come by the name of Music Flower 24 hour Liquid Eyeliner. It comes in a 4 ml colored plastic bottle that usually depicts the liner color inside it ( I said IF because there is no black bottle for black liner rather there is a sticker labeled BLACK on the liner if its black ). There are 5 shades in these eye liners, Black , Brown, Blue, Purple &Green. I got myself Blue and purple. The packaging is really cute. The applicator is felt tip type. Here have a look at these beauties 
Music Flower Eyeliners- Purple & Blue

Music Flower Eyeliner- Applicator

My Experience:

These eyeliners are in my stash for over 6 months now & let me tell you i wear them everyday when I am not wearing black. These liners have a thin consistency that glides smoothly on your skin. Here in the pictures you might feel that the applicators and swatches are a bit clumped, this is because both of these are almost finished and a repurchase with some other color is in my list. The color pay off is simply beautiful. In one layer it gives that smooth lovely color. You can build the color by applying the second layer over it . The applicators are very smooth and don’t feel hard on your lids unlike some applicators. You can see in the pictures after all this use , the applicators aren’t giving off threads ( I had such experience with a few felt tips liners). Now the staying power is really good . After 8 am till 3 pm working hours, its still on my lids nice and pretty as it was in the morning except for the tear duct area where it budges off a little. It is water proof for sure because it stays even if u wash your face until you rub it off. Even at rubbing it doesn’t smudge all over, it just peels off , so no fear of getting a raccoon eye even if you rub your eyes unintentionally 🙂

The Swatches:

Music Flower Eyeliner- Swatches

Now I must say here that I have applied two coats to get such intense color . In one coat the color is much more lighter then these. I will post those pictures when I get new ones ( That would be in a few days :P)

I Like :

  • Cute Packaging
  • Smooth applicator tip that doesn’t feel rough on skin 
  • Beautiful colors available
  • Smooth color rich product
  • Gives instant POP to your eyes 
  • One stroke application
  • Buildable color
  • Enough product to last for months even if used daily
  • Doesn’t dry up quickly
  • Easily affordable

I Don’t Like;

  • Doesn’t stay long on the tear duct area

My Rating:

I give this product a 4/5. 

Would I repurchase it ?

 I will for sure within a few days. 

Where to buy?

I got mine from a local cosmetics shop. You can buy all 5 shades from Beauty Tips, a facebook based online store with a lovely owner <3

Did you like my review ? Do you have some other favorite colored eyeliner ? Do let me know in the comments below 🙂

Stay Blessed

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  1. OMG they are so cute.I love to wear colored eyeliners.Great review.I haven't heard of this one before.Thankyou for sharing.

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