MUA Mascara in shade 6- Review

Hello pretty ladies ! weekend night right ? What are your plans? Well I guess I am going to sleep all this weekend as always:D. Well we’ll see that tomorrow. But before that i just wanted to share this review with you guys . These days I am all into colors. Violet and Royal blue are the eye liner colors I use daily. They just add a bit of a spark instead of just plain black. After eye liners, I went after colored mascaras. I didn’t find much in the market so i searched online and had just the thing I wanted . I ordered Makeup Academy’s (MUA) Mascara in Shade 6 with few other products from MUA ( See Haul post HERE ). I couldn’t wait to try it out and therefore reviewing it first πŸ™‚ Lets get started then.

The Product:

The MUA Mascara comes in variety of shades. I was looking for a blue one so I opted to go for Shade 6. The mascara comes in a plastic bottle that is opaque colored, same as the product inside it. At first i thought it was the product filled clear bottle but well its not . I Liked it actually because it gives you the right idea of the shade you are getting. It comes with a standard wand with comparatively soft hair. The product is very very thick you can see that in the pictures.

My Experience:

First of all, I must say my experience shopping with Just4girls was amazing. They are so kind and helpful and also they were very prompt in replying to all the queries I had. All the stuff was very neatly packed in a bubble wrap and thankfully none of the things were damaged πŸ™‚
Now for the Mascara. You can see that the product is quite thick but that is a good thing as it makes the color stand out on your lash and you don’t have to layer it up. Just one good swipe and you have really nice color on you lashes πŸ™‚ It stays about 5 to 6 hours on your lashes and even after washing you face its there. You have to rub it to get it off your lashes ( Not hard rubbing, just softly ). This makes it a semi-water proof mascara.
Here have a look at the Mascara on Lashes πŸ™‚
Single layer-MUA Mascara( shade 6)

Two layers

I Like:

  • The color pay off is great. Single swipe shows the color instantly.
  • Does not clump 
  • Does not feel sticky or heavy on eyes. 
  • Stays on for a long time
  • Does not smudge or budge on contact with water.
  • A little powdery consistency that gives lashes a matte velvety look
  • Affordable

I Don’t Like:

  • I like everything about it. There is absolutely nothing to complain about πŸ˜€

My Rating:

I give it a 5/5. It definitely asks for full marks for all the amazing things it does in such a small price tag. It costs PKR 200/- and available at in Pakistan. It is also available at MUA store online. They ship to all the countries that offer paypal. All in all, I am totally in love with this mascara πŸ™‚
Do you love colored Mascaras? What is your color of obsession these days ? Don’t forget to comment below πŸ™‚
Stay Safe xoxo

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