#wearetwo campaign by Label M Pakistan – Bridging gaps fashionably.

One of the beauties of the fashion industry is its inclusive and ever evolving nature which is unstoppable. Every year we see some absolutely shocking (and sometimes bizarre) looks hit the runways, and its OK because its all about experimentation and embracing your creativity. While we look forward to clothing fashion, one thing that is equally important is the makeup and the hair trends and to be honest, hair are something that can make or break the whole look. 


Label M has been the styling partner for the London Fashion Week for years and the looks created by the have been a sight to sore eyes for sure. To take the styling game one step ahead, label M Pakistan took a step forward and brought internationally acclaimed artists all the way from UK to Pakistan to give hands on workshops to our local artists. 

On 25th January ’18, the #wearetwo campaign kicked off in Lahore with an amazing launch event set in Cafe X2 with a monochrome setup that I absolutely adored. While the black carpet and styling booths were setup in the courtyard, the main stage along with the ramp was set up at the rooftop . Served with the delicacies and some refreshing drinks, everyone dressed up in blacks and whites, it was one Aesthetically pleasing evening. Team Label M Pakistan and Toni & Guy North Pakistan were being amazing hosts that they always are. 


The live demonstrations by Shammal Qureshi (Label M Pakistan)  Gary  France and Max Lamparter (Label M UK) were something that can get you mesmerized by the art of hair styling in a moment. I absolutely loved how all three of them shared the stage and  kept passing on to each other to share their thoughts and experiences like they had been working together since years. The tiny tips that they gave and how each and the every strand of hair mattered in putting together the whole look were really educational and I am sure the hair experts present there would have taken al ot of knowledge back with them. One thing that stood out the most was the enthusiasm with which they talked about hair and  how each and every strand is important in achieving the desired  look . 


A total of 14 looks , 10 on female models and 4 on male models were created live on stage to give an idea of how such looks are created . I was absolutely stunned by how little movements and incorporation of right products can take the hair styling to a whole new level. While demonstrating the upcoming runway trends , Team label M also introduced their new hair styling products and hair accessories. One thing which piqued my interest in particular has been their newly launched temporary hair color spray that doesn’t leave the hair all crunchy or mushy , rather leaves them glossy and sleek . The hair accessories were quite unconventional too with some embellished scorpions and spider but then they were beautiful enough that a single tiny piece was able to stand out and make a statement for sure .

Even though the looks created were meant for runway and high fashion editorials, I feel that will ever evolving tastes in fashion , the brave hearts won’t stay back in embracing these styles and would be sporting them in daily lives too . One of the beauties of these looks is that many of them required simple twists and braiding techniques and with the right knowledge they gave some beautiful looks . 

Gary France, Max Lamparter & Shammal Qureshi after a successful eventGary France, Max Lamparter & Shammal Qureshi after a successful event

Gary France, Max Lamparter & Shammal Qureshi after a successful event

All in all  ,I can safely say that it was an amazing , one of its kind and really educational event brought together by the efforts of Team Toni & Guy North Pakistan and  Label M Pakistan. Heartiest congratulations to Mr. Shammal Qureshi for bringing internationally acclaimed educators to Pakistan against all odds and giving the opportunity to our local artists to have a hands on experience with them. Such events are really improtant in bridging the gaps between the artists and nations and bringing forward a better image of the country .

In case you have missed , the whole event was broadcast Live at the Toni & Guy North Pakistan last night . Plugging in the video so you can watch the whole thing yourself  !

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