How to wear a Dark Lipstick without looking Older

As the winter approaches and days get short , we start to crave for dark lips (most of us wait for fall just to wear those vampy lips again) but what most of us experience is that we seem to look older (read: mature) than we actually are . Being a die hard fan for those super dark ,blood red and berry lips ,I have been trying out various tips to carry those colors without looking over the top and aged . To be honest , I envy the girls who carry those colors so effortlessly ,it seems like they are just born with it . On the other hand there is this lot like me , who loves those dark colors but when it comes to carry them, they just cant . So, breaking the review and events streak (and starting off the with the NY resolution of putting up different posts) I have compiled a few pointers that would help you with the dark lips:

1.Find what flatters :

Just putting it out at the top , like not every red,nude ,pink and coral compliments every skin tone , same is with the deeper colors . If you like a particular color , go with what would flatter your skin tone. The more cool toned berries and reds flatter the fair skin tones while the darker berries and brown toned reds flatter medium skin tones . Being NC 20-25 (Thanks to excessive sun these days) I am gravita

ting towards a dark maroon these days.

2.Make it the main focus:

Skip a heavy contour , over the top blush and highlight when wearing a dark lipstick . When too much goes around ,it just starts to add into the years ! 

3. Tie up those locks :

I usually keep my hair down , but when I wear a dark lip color (which I rarely do) I just tie up my hair either into a pony tail or a bun or just braid them up . When you tie up your hair you just clean up your canvas and only thing dark going around would be your lips , in this way you can save up some years



4.Be Confident and SMILE :

Last pointer ,No matter what color you wear ,wear it with confidence and put a smile on your face . No matter what others think ,only person who should be thinking you look beautiful should be YOU . Plus smile a lot ,it makes the world a better place ! 



Hope you guys like these few pointer to rock that kick ass color you just bought and still haven’t worn . Wear it today and flaunt it like its no body’s business. If you have something to add, do let me know in the comments section below . 

Stay Blessed 



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