Night of “FIRST OF ITS KIND”- The Body Shop 4.0 Pulse Store Opening & Elixirs Of Nature Launch

After some back to back publishing, I took a little break from writing and get my head into some reading because to be honest to much writing turns out to be pretty tiresome at times. More over, I got some books which I really actually wanted to read and stayed glued to them till I finished them.

Also because I had been crazy busy with things going around me and then there were a few events to attend and also I am deliberately missing out the details of 1 complete day of shopping mania that I had with my friend for her wedding, ultimate craziness I tell you!

So among all this, I got to attend a one of its kind event that was the opening of

The Body Shop 4.0 Pulse Concept Store and Elixirs of Nature Launch

at the Emporium Mall, Lahore. The event arranged by none other than the amazing team of

Constantine PR

and was definitely one fine event.

Without further delay, lets get over to all the details and also what on earth is this 4.0 pulse store concept and what’s so special about the Elixirs of Nature Fragrances.

The Body Shop 4.0 Pulse Concept Store:

<img src=" pulse store again again and not telling what on earth it means makes me super annoying ,I know, you don't need to tell me that. So, lets just clear the air about it . While talking to the people behind the concept we were briefed that how this store differs from the regular store . The world's 2nd 4.0 pulse concept store has been opened in Pakistan after Germany and houses separate sections and well trained staff for proper consultation and guidance for the customers. The 4.0 Pulse store caters to the skin care , hair care , makeup and fragrance in separate areas with in house staff to consult according to the needs of the customer . 

The Elixirs of Nature:

With mysterious names ( Swietenia, Bowhanti, Nigritella, and Kahaia) these unique eau de parfums are like a youthquake in a bottle. Each one a truly indie-vidual fragrance that will set you apart from everyone else on the planet. You’re one spritz away from being transported to some of the most breathtaking scentscapes on Earth.

While being there we were introduced to the 4 new fragrances and given a chance to test them all . Let me be honest , I am that kind of person who can rarely tell two fragrances apart and yet I was able to discern a drastic difference in each of the fragrance. Each of the perfume name is based on their botanical name and also tells about its origin . while you sniff them , you can instantly relate to the place and get the essence of it in a whiff. Ranging from a super spicy


to a gentle floral

Swietenia ,

I can guarantee one is bound to fall in love with one at least ! I can’t say much about the lasting power and the ending notes of these fragrances , for that you guys gotta wait ya know cuz imma gonna do some testing yo ! ( okay what was that?) . 

Apart from that , Maya Ali was introduced as the first brand activist for The Body Shop and it feels very nice when a celebrity talks about a nature loving brand . 

The Body Shop


Constatine PR

, We were given a beautiful goodie bag with one of the newly launched Elixirs Of Nature Fragrance. Absolutely in love with the way it was wrapped and presented . 2 thumbs up for that already !

This is all about the The Body Shop 4.0 Pulse Concept store Opening and Elixirs of Nature launch last weekend . I have recounted everything to the best of what my memory serves me . The reviews will be up soon enough and definitely Elixirs of nature makes it to the top of the list !

* Picture Courtesy: Constantine PR

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  1. Thumbs up to Constantine PR and TBS Pakistan for another great launch event. Good to see Maya Ali as brand activist for TBS. You all are looking fab. Great post 🙂

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