Glow up in a swipe with beauty Uk Sweet Cheeks Cream blush stick in vanilla ice – Review

Not very long  time ago , I received this super cute and chubby blush stick in my mail, which I was like okay , Mehhh , not excited to use and stuff like that , just because it was a cream based product and I am not much of a fan of cream products (Thanks to this sweltering heat ). This goes as the reason behind this delayed review BUT trust me this is worth the read if you are on the outlook of a highlighter that gives that perfect highlighted 100 watt glow to your skin and makes it look really healthy. I have started using this ,rather exploiting this blush stick ( which works as a highlighter in this particular shade) because I wear it every where , literally every where , some times to the kitchen as well ( How about that ?) and it gives that super beautiful glow that I absolutely love. 

OK , enough with the raving ,lets head over to the review and get to know this little chubby guy and how to use it and fall in love with it . 

Beauty UK Sweet Cheeks Cream Blush Sticks:

Sweet Cheeks is a fabulous cream stick blusher that delivers instant radiance to your complexion! Our outstanding light-weight formula is creamy soft, moisturising and glides on for that perfect dewy finish. The unique formula contains Shea Butter, Vitamin C Jojoba Oil which will help maintain a healthy complexion. It is easy to apply and can be blended either with a brush or your fingertips allowing you complete control over the intensity of your desired finish. The range is made up of 6 delicious sweet inspired shades with perfect hints of rose, pink and mauve.

 TIP! Use the highlighting shade no.6 in Vanilla Ice to complete your contoured look.

My Experience:

<img src=" packaging is pretty sturdy and 

definitely travel friendly because it has survived travel bag ,which is a total disaster to be honest.

The shade I have is Vanilla Ice ,which is a super gorgeous champagne. The formula is creamy and glides on easily over the cheekbones ,no tugging what so ever. Since its cream formula , many of you might not like the oiliness or tackiness that it gives after the application ,but its really not bothersome for me as it melts into the skin after a while and doesn’t feel tacky at all , the oiliness, however, remains.

About the application, I like to directly apply it on the high points of my cheeks and bridge of nose from the stick and then blend it out with my fingers. One thing should be kept in mind that the color is super light and doesn’t show up much on the skin ( you will see in the swatch below) , so you might get disappointed that it isn’t showing up and is a useless thing ( Just like what happened to me ) ,so I kept layering it over and over again and then gave up. BUT here is the catch , apply it on your cheek bones as much as you like ( You can not simply go over board with this) , just tap with your fingers to lightly blend it and step back from the mirror , move your face slowly , and here is that glow ! yes you can actually see the highlighter but when the light hits your face glows up like a light bulb (no exaggeration !).  I haven’t used any brush or sponge to blend it out because fingers do the right job for me. May be with the darker colors that actually work as the blush, using a sponge will be a better idea.

Beauty UK Creme Blush Stick- Vanilla Ice

The staying power is a good 5-6 hours if left undisturbed  and you just don’t wipe it off with sweat. If you top it off with powder highlighter the wear time increases considerably. The oiliness might be a little turn off for oily skin beauties, but still they can use it with setting with powder or may be in winters to have a fresher look. 

All in all, I am in love with this chubby little thing. It has made my life super easy  and super Glowy. Totally recommended to you guys. 


I would rate this product a good 4/5 because I am totally in love with it and have been recommending it to everyone and who ever got it on my recommendation is a happy happy user now ! If you are having double thoughts due to its cream formula , then there is nothing that can’t be set with a powder 😉 

Price & Availability: 

The Sweet Cheeks Cream Blush Stick is Available for



at Beauty UK



In Pakistan , these blush sticks are available nation wide at Beauty UK Counters set at all Hypermarkets/ Super Markets / Drugstores and retail for  

PKR 840/-.

These are also available online at major online shopping portals like




Stay Blessed

Sherry K


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  1. Me not into creamy products, as i have v oily skin, i ve tried and tested this on counter and feel little ahem ahem… so i just ignore it, but after reading you reviews, defo try this beauty baby <3Nice <3

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