Luxurious lips with M.N luxury Lip Gloss – Review

Sometimes less is more. Sometimes even the more you get, the less you feel. Same is with me these days. I am kind of obsessed with liquid lipsticks only God knows why. For that I have tried every single one I could get my hands one whether I am out for grocery or for shopping or stopping by a food point. If I spot a liquid lipstick, I have to have it. So, this one today is also one of the liquid lipsticks I have. Let’s have a look as how luxurious does it make you feel. 

M.N luxury Lip Gloss :

Provides a hint of luscious , luminous hint of color . No color bleeding or sticky tacky sensation. Binds in moisture to keep suppleness.

My Experience :

<img src=" Luxury Lipgloss 

This lip gloss comes sealed in a pack after with a clear side so you can see if the shade is the one which you have chosen from the testers which is a good point because the numbers are usually stickers and they tend to get misplaced which results in extremely bad mood when you open it up at home and shade comes out totally different from the one you chose at the counter. The tube itself is clear plastic with a standard doe foot applicator. The product is kind of thick, with a texture leaning more towards creamy side rather than runny. There is a tinge of smell. I don’t know how to explain it but it sort of smells like a standard lipgloss smell that lingers on for a few minutes. 

now for the application. This is a tricky part because as I have said the texture is creamy and its thick as well, so LITTLE IS MORE here. Just get a little bit of the product and spread it evenly on your lips and let it dry for a while. Do not smack, i repeat DO NOT SMACK your lips during the drying because it makes it all blotchy and patchy. Once its dried it gives a gorgeous velvety finish, not the typical dried out parched lips but a gorgeous smooth creamy look to your lips which looks absolutely luxurious!! Oh yes, I was disappointed at first and didn’t like to have it on my lips because it felt all heavy and took forever to dry but then I tried a thin layer and voila! Magic was there.

<img src=" Luxury Lipgloss- Ingredients 

<img src=" Luxury Lipgloss 

<img src=" Luxury Lipgloss 

<img src=" Luxury Lipgloss 

As for the lasting power is concerned, it lasts a pretty good 4-5 hours on me without eating and drinking. If you eat it depends upon the food, like if its oily the lip gloss will be removed fast, if its just a snack munching, it would last its usual time. After that it starts to fade form the inner side of the lips and in the end you are left with only 


 lips. Yes its sad but its true 🙁 

Moreover if you tend yo rub you lips, it starts getting flaky after a while and falls off. But i guess if you get rough with any liquid Lipstick it will finally give up, don’t you think?

overall, I found this lip gloss to be tricky but treaty at the same time. Once you get the hang of it, you can go on flaunting those velvety lips everywhere.


<img src=" Luxury Lipgloss -Arm Swatch

<img src=" Luxury Lipgloss – Lip Swatch

M.n Luxury Lipgloss Shade 20:

This is a perfect Rose color that has a hint of pink . Might appear darker if layered up . This is a Single swipe across my arm and also a single thin layer on my Lips . You see how highly pigmented and even the application is ! 

Thumbs up for:

  • Sealed tube very time you purchase
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Travel friendly
  • A huge shade variety to select from
  • Gives a lovely velvety finish
  • Doesn’t dry up lips
  • Good lasting power of 4-5 hours straight

Thumbs down for 

  • Availability might be an issue 
  • Application is tricky, if you get a thick layer it will dry late and will flake off early. 
  • Smell might be a problem for a few people. 
  • Tends to fade from inside without leaving an even stain. 

My Rating:

<img src=" luxury lip gloss and definitely adding more colors to my stash soon! 

Price & Availability :

M.n luxury lip glosses are available on local cosmetics stores nation wide for the price of 250-350 Pkr. I got mine from a Facebook page



Good news for everyone around the globe as they ship within Pakistan and Internationally all over the Globe! 

Have you ever tried this lip gloss by m.n? Do you have any lipgloss that gives the same finish? Please let me know in the comments below because I love the finish it gives! 

Stay Blessed 

Sherry K 


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45 thoughts on “Luxurious lips with M.N luxury Lip Gloss – Review

  1. Voila !!! Well I believe if Sherry Khatak will rub a piece of beet root (my childhood lippi) on her lips , they will still look superb and beautiful as usual. 😉 As far the M.n gloss concerns, it is fantastic…I just loved the shade. I have two matte glosses from glamorous face and it seems that I am reading their review…. They are just the same …:) Great review Dear 🙂

  2. I have used their other capsule lipgloses and i love their staying power lovely reviwFollowing you dear on GFC please follow me too

  3. Buddy you always come up with the reviews of new and locally available affordable makeup brands, which is the unique part of your blog. I really love it as it's helpful for so many people out there who can't go through all the hassle of ordering an expensive product online.Stay blessed #meridoctordost! 🙂 xoxoxox

  4. The finish is so lovely! Tricky yet treaty lol 😀 Thanks for introducing us to yet another liquid lipstick 🙂 -Sadaf

  5. Wow am loving such kind of shades these days. For the price this looks pretty nice. Too bad, it fades unevenly. Thanks for the review. I will try to search for these 🙂

  6. Such a pretty color. It suits you very well 🙂 And to top it off economical. Seems like the best offer to me 🙂

  7. heyyyyyyy Wajo ! Glad to have you back n' rollin like old times ! thank you for the amazing words love . #meribloggerdost xx

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