Beginner’s Diary – Vol 1 ( Basics Tools & Cosmetics)

Dear Diary ! first of all lets save the date as you and me are going to go a long way I promise. Talking to you seems like I got a new best friend already .


 Being a makeup-holic isn’t much easy especially when you got nobody to look forward to in teaching you THE TRICKS , left me heart broken for a very long time till I started to explore and practice ! Oh yes you got it right PRACTICE is the key to what I know today , not much but still enough to know I am not stepping out with a plastered face  😀

Being a beginner at make up isn’t easy NAH-AHH, you don’t even know where to start from so you try and fail, try again and still fail and keep on trying till you finally hit the right cord ! I did it , yes I am being honest dearest diary , I went through the phase where I went out with the most horrific  lip colors and most horrendous eyeliner .Not that I am perfect now but compared to that I am better .

Here is what I learnt and every beginner should know :

  • Don’t give up after a single try ,KEEP ON TRYING !
  • PRACTICE ,PRACTICE & PRACTICE (it took me 30 days to apply a good eyeliner imagine that )
  • Get to know what suits you and what not ,for that EXPERIMENT with colors !
  • Don’t get dishearten when something suits somebody else and doesn’t look good at you, YOU ARE DIFFERENT ! 
  • OBSERVE closely when you are at a salon or even watching a Youtube tutorial or even a pictorial, it helps 

So,during that phase ,I fell and stumbled but still kept moving till I got to know what I needed. The things were very simple yet their sequence was the key to remember . So, I finally got to know that in order to learn makeup I should have gotten then right stuff before declaring myself a failure and giving up. I jotted down a little list for beginners who should first get


 most of them before starting of for their learning journey (trust me it makes everything so easy )

Cosmetics Check list:

  • Moisturizer 
  • Face primer
  • Foundation/Base (whatever you like to call it)
  • Concealer
  • Setting powder/Compact powder
  • Blusher
  • Bronzer
  • Highlighter
  • Eyeshadow base/ Eye Primer
  • A good Eyeshadow palette (Having both matte and shimmery colors : Go for Glamorous face 96 color palette for practice)
  • Smudge Proof Eyelinner (For practice I recommend Aqua Color Cake Eyeliner By Kryolan )
  • Smudge Proof Mascara (Water proof mascara isn’t suitable for practice)
  • Loads of Lipcolors ( Doesnt need to be expensive , just to try on which color suits you so that we can buy a better one in the same color :P)
  • Makeup Setting spray

Tools Checklist:

  • Get a good Makeup brush set (Just remember the bristles should be soft ) You can even get each separate brush too but that turns out to be pretty tiresome ( Try BH cosmetics brush sets they are amazingly priced and have almost all essential Face and Eye brushes prefect for beginners)
  • Makeup Sponges (any type would do , Latex-free are better)
  • Cotton balls 
  • Q-tips
  • Baby wipes
  • Makeup Remover (extremely Important)

And yes LOADS OF







and my dear diary ,this is what I know that one should have before embarking on this COLOR RIDE . Now I have to leave , its my kitties play time and they are not the patient type (just like me :D) . Till next time BFF, when I’ll be back with whole of this check list marked and we’ll do everything together after that. 

Yours Truly,

Sherry K.


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2 thoughts on “Beginner’s Diary – Vol 1 ( Basics Tools & Cosmetics)

  1. wow yaar..i am so inspired by ur post..u have given such good suggestions for beginners…infact i myself am gonna start all over again coz i m very weak in make up art..n plz do post sum basic make up looks for beginners 🙂 TIA

  2. Thank you natasha ..I will definitly do everything n my upcoming posts InshAllah ….Keep a watch out for it next post is in line 🙂

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