Women Empowerment Done Right - "IDEAS FOR A BETTER TOMORROW" by Ideas

Women Empowerment Done Right - "IDEAS FOR A BETTER TOMORROW" by Ideas

With so much campaigns going around , hardly there are some that actually mean something worthwhile. While I got a chance to look at this , I was awestruck at how we have such passionate people among us struggling everyday to make their dreams a reality , while many of us blessed with everything sit there whining about how we don't have particular thing to get us going .

I want to highlight this amazing initiative taken by IDEAS , which is a well know Fashion brand known across Pakistan . This Pakistan Day they took an initiative for Women Empowerment and named it "


. While there have already been steps taken in the course , this particular one stands close to my heart .



 located in the heart of Liyari , the suburban area of our city of lights Karachi , is one of its kind gym training little girls of Liyari for professional Boxing . Yup you heard me BOXING. With limited resources and no powerful back , these little girls train under the watchful eye of senior coach Younas Kamran, who had provided them with maximum equipment he can but still , it wasn't up to the mark neither was the environment. I'll be linking the video below and you guys can see for yourself what conditions were there little girls training in. When such circumstances arise , parents are bound to have doubts specially when it comes to their daughters.

That's where Ideas came in . Living up to their claim of


, they offered the Pak Shaheen gym for full refurbishing and providing them with the required equipment. I am really glad at this step by Ideas because that is  exactly the kind of Women Empowerment we are looking for . While many brands are promoting it in a different light making the matter more controversial than it actually is , THIS stands tall and bright amidst all this craziness.

While providing these little boxers , they have actually shown us that when you feed passion with support , it returns you ten times back . You will see in the video that how these girls have got a new drive to become something and show the world the strength they hold . I absolutely love the fire in the 9 year old Areesha when she says she will work hard and make it to Olympics.

Talking about the initiative and this project in particular , Direct of IDEAS Ziad Bashir said ,

Our team started to a little soul searching about what our brand stood for in the larger scheme of things, and its place in society. This included thinking about what we believe in and what values we

d like to champion as a brand. Investing in sports is a great way to instill confidence and self


esteem among some of the most disenfranchised sectors of society. Playing sports also promotes the concepts of fair play, perseverance and meritocracy. As a brand we want to be a trail blazer and inspire other brands to see how we can all collectively contribute positively to society at large. The entire country benefits when we all move in this direction.

Enough said , Let's just see the video and see it ourselves . I am sure this is going to be an eye opener for all the other brands and I hope they just join in to empower our nation and women in particular in the right way that would make us a proud Nation of our sons and daughter alike

If you guys are interested , I am linking below the previous 3 initiatives taken by Ideas under the concept of


Pakistan Day Celebrations


A very special Mother

s Day


Night Cricket Tournament:

Check this out and dont forget to tell me in the comments below if you liked the idea behind this campaign .

Stay Blessed Sherry K xoxo

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