Magnum Opens its Door to the Pleasure seekers of Lahore - Event Report

Magnum Opens its Door to the Pleasure seekers of Lahore - Event Report

Long time , no see eh chap? But when we see ,make sure its over a good chocolate ice cream , yup I am that obsessed with ice cream . Whoever said I SCREAM , ICE CREAM was definitely someone I can relate too . Being said that , If you are following me on Instagram (which you should by the way , here is the link


) you would know not very long time back I got an invitation to the Launch of Magnum pleasure store in Lahore. Yes now you know why I have been talking about Ice Cream since the beginning . I know I am kindda late and all , but hey never too late for an event report with some yummy pictures (p.s those who are fasting please read further at your risk ! )

So I will be talking random if left unchecked , lets do some event round up , will take you through the whole evening , show you some beautiful pictures taken by yours truly ( Unless mentioned otherwise) and then we go back to our random ramblings. So lets GO !

Event Report : 

The Magnum Pleasure store launch was held on 30th May , Monday and the location was none other than Z-Block Market DHA , Lahore . The Magnum pleasure store is a 3 story building with a gorgeous interior and a Magnum studded wall the entrance( Where you can go pose with your own magnum and be the cool guy Yo! ). The event was organized by Talking Point PR and everything was nicely done.

Magnum Lahore Launch 

The guests were initially served chilled chocolate drinks with some twist . The one I got was Belgian chocolate with mint and Lemon (Like what?) I am sorry but I am not much of an experimental type when it comes to chocolate ( ye Oldie Goldie) BUT people were enjoying the different flavors that were being served with some sweet ,salty and sour tinges so you better try one OK ?

The Chocolate,mint & Lemon Drink

 The host of the evening was none other than the gorgeous Hareem Farooq donning a beautiful off shoulder Dull gold Shehla Chatoor gown + jumpsuit hybrid ,which I absolutely loved ( I am gonna attach a lot of pictures of her BEWARE).

Hareem Farooq in Shehla Chatoor*

Hareem Farooq in Shehla Chatoor*

The event kicked off with a beautiful violin performance by a Gorgeous lady who was wearing a custom designed Nomi Ansari ensemble in chocolate brown color adding the perfect ambiance to the event. With some confetti thing and all , the magnum bar was finally opened and there was a juggling performance and serving the guests some special custom made drinks. Also there was this chocolate artist who was making portraits of the guests with pure Belgian Chocolate and trust me she was phenomenal .

The Belgian Chocolate Portrait*

The Violinist in Nomi Ansari Ensemble*

The Violinist 

The Bar tender showing some fancy moves*

Among the guests were some prominent names from the fashion and media industry . Zara perzada , Cybil choudary, Maheen Kardar , Umair Tabani , Mohsin Ali , Momina Sibtain , Yousaf fayaz , Xillehuma , Foha Raza , Murtaza Khan Babar , Hassan Abbas , Haya Bokhari and Zahra Naveed to name a few ( and me OF COURSE !)

Zara Peerzada , Hareem Farooq & Cybil Choudry*

After the opening of the bar , everyone was directed to the basement where the unveiling of four custom designed magnums by well know designers was done . Even though I fail to understand the logic of a life size stone studded Magnum bar being linked to the actual ice cream but it feels like the Fashion and Food are no longer a separate industries . With both industries working together , food in itself has become a luxury and fashion at the same time .

Designer Magnum Bars*

Finally, we got our custom Magnums at the bar. What I got was a vanilla base dipped in milk chocolate and topped with rice crisps , coconut and something minty tingly ( The topping was the pleasure makers own choice in my case , and I liked it ! )

My Custom Magnum Bar

What you have to do when you hit the Magnum Pleasure store ?

Here comes the much anticipated question . Well answer is go find it out LOL . Okay ,now on a serious note. You get an option of a vanilla or chocolate base , choice between three dippings that is  white ,milk and dark chocolate and can choose three different toppings to go over your own magnum bar which range from all safe like dried coconut and chocolate chips to all daring like Red chili flakes !  Moreover ,you can get a chocolate drink as well (remember I mentioned one in the beginning? Just like that). 

So, All in all it would definitely be a good experience if you have a sweet tooth that doesn't spare you the cravings . Just give into your cravings and go indulge in some pure Belgian chocolate yumminess , Get some kick ass photographs with that magnum studded wall and done forget those Designer magnums down stairs . 

Here is all about that evening which was star studded and chocolate drenched . Have you ever been to Magnum pleasure store ? Its in Karachi , Islamabad and now in Lahore . So when you are out in any of these cities , just go grab a magnum of your own . And whenever you upload a picture (which you are going to do I know) ,don't forget to hashtag it #magnumlahore.

Stay Blessed

Sherry K



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