7 Days of MM Makeup - Day 6 : MM Makeup Ethereal Glow (Review & Swatch)

7 Days of MM Makeup - Day 6 : MM Makeup Ethereal Glow (Review & Swatch)

Day 6 and I am practically on cloud nine ! Just one more post to go eh buddy ? With all the Ramadan preps ,particularly the million dollar question WHAT TO COOK TODAY ? ( not that I am a very good cook , nor very fond of cooking ). Oh ,this reminds me , have you checked my Instagram today ? I have posted a really yummy recipe of a 5 minute microwave cake that is surely going to get you hooked !

Seems like fasting has gotten hold of the best of me ,so rather than talking MM Makeup Ethereal Glow , I am talking food. So getting back to it , I am going to talk (Talk ? ) about the MM Makeup Ethereal Glow in Pink Radiance today . Well the description says its a highlighting powder and then says VIBRANT COLOR WITH A LITTLE BIT OF SHIMMER , ummm please makeup your mind . That was on a lighter note , no offence MM people , I love you guys ! Lets get on to the review before I start another one of my rants . So MOVE !

MM Makeup Ethereal Glow:

Pressed highlighting powder adds light


catching shimmer to give you an Ethereal Glow. It blends on easily, gives excellent color pay off and doesn


t streak

Who is this for ?

For the women who enjoy vibrant colors with a little bit of shimmer.

My Experience :

MM Makeup Ethereal Glow comes in a matte black compact with a mirror inside which is a really good size . The lid closes with a clasp which is tight enough to not open in you bag for sure . Plus the packaging is super sturdy ( take it from me ,because I have dropped it a couple of times and its as good as new).The back of the compact has  a label with the name of the product . In PKR 950/


you get a total of 12 gm ( 0.42 oz) of product , which in my opinion is a very decent amount and going to last very long even if used daily , I will elaborate the reasons in a while .

Coming to the product itself . The MM Makeup Ethereal glow is a beautiful baked highlighter /shimmer blush with a marble pattern.This comes i three variants and the one I have is RADIANT PINK.By the description given on the website , these are supposed to be highlighting powders ,but the colors are so vibrant that they are actually Baked shimmer blushers . So if you are getting them to use as highlighters , please bear in mind that these are NOT highlighters.

These blushers are very finely milled and pigment packed. Since these are baked blushers, the fall out is minimal ( almost none ! ), hence no product is wasted and you can get to use the product for a very long time . As I said these are pigment packed ,and I mean it . Just a dip of brush in the product and it picks up enough to be used with a light hand on both cheeks .Yes I said LIGHT HAND , or else you will end up being a clown face ,these are THAT pigmented. Even though its a baked blush , I was expecting it to be kind of hard to pick but it turns out to be easily picked up by any kind of brush . The product itself is buttery smooth and soft and easily blendable.

Even though the one I have is named Radiant Pink , it is a beautiful blend of peach with some pinks mixed in it, the main color being beige/peach sort which makes it kind of contradicting from its name . Once applied , it appears more Champagne/Rose Gold  rather than pink .If you have checked my previous post on Stay on blusher in Shell Bronze ( Read HERE ), its almost the same color just a tad bit darker than it .

The shimmer in it is very fine and once applied appears as a sheen and no visible specks are there . So if you like a luminous glow on you face ,this is the one for you.

The staying power of these blushers is no less than 5-6 hours in this sweltering heat which makes it a really good addition to summer makeup products that we can use without the hassle of too many touch ups . Even though I am a matte blush person , still I reach for it for any formal evening that needs a little glow. For an extra oomph , I layer up with one of my favorite highlighters

All in all , I would say as a blush this is going to work wonders but as a highlighter I wouldn't be the one suggesting it . I guess it would be better if the description of these blushers is varied a little bit so that people ordering online might have a better idea of what they are getting.


Thumbs Up For :

Easy availabilityAffordable Price tag Halal ingredients ( Paraben/ Carmine Free , Cruelty Free)Large amount of product ( 14 gm/ 0.42 oz)Long shelf life ( 36 months/ 3 years)Minimal Fall outVery pigmentedBeautiful sturdy packagingFinely milled powderNo visible/chunky glitter/shimmerLong lasting (5-6 hours) Soft texture , blendable Thumbs Down For :

You find it very dark/vibrant to be used as a highlighter aloneYou like your blush to be matte My Rating :

I would give this a


. Just that I was more excited to have it as a highlighter rather than another blush.

Price & Availability:

MM Makeup Ethereal Glow is available for PKR 950/- and  is available at available at MM Makeup Counters set at all major shopping malls through our the country . Also available at all Depilex branches nationwide. You can also order them online from MM Makeup


or any major online shopping portal such as








Stay Blessed

Sherry K


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