7 Days Of MM Makeup - Day 3 : MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick Review & swatches

7 Days Of MM Makeup - Day 3 : MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick Review & swatches

Wohooooo ! Its day 3 already ! Never in my life I have been so consistent,.All you consistent people out there , respects for you all guys , how do you even do that ? I have been blogging for what like three years now and never have I posted this frequently . Well thanks to you ,yes you MM Makeup for making me do this.

So we are kind of on the roll these days over the Lips range first . since I have all of the Lips products by MM Makeup , I was like why not just review them first and then move to cheeks and then the foundation ( usually its the other way round ,but oh well ) . So today I bring you guys the Long Lasting Lipstick by MM Makeup. You would say what ? another lipstick ? Well yes its lipstick too BUT a  very different one from the



or the

Liquid Lipstick

I reviewed earlier . To know more , keep on reading!

MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick :

This supremely cushiony long lasting matte formula imparts luxurious color in one stroke. Infused with Shea Butter and Vitamin E

 Who is this for ?

For the modern day women who carry their lip color close to their heart. This matte long lasting lipstick is perfect for all day wear.


: For dry lips it is advisable to apply a lip balm before applying a matte lip color.

My Experience:

MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick 

The Masarrat Misbah Long Lasting Lipstick comes in a Matte Back round tube with the MM logo printed over it . I really like the luxe feel of the packaging. The cap secures nicely with a click in this design ( Unlike the Lip Varnish as discussed earlier ). The lipstick is labelled at the bottom on a back sticker . I feel that if the label matched the color in the tube ,it would have been a lot easier to pick up your desired color when in a rush (may be its just my OCD talking) ,but if you are well with the names , this minute detail will not be bothersome to you .

MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick

Coming to the formula , I would say its one of its kind . No seriously no pun intended . I have a thing for matte lipsticks , but none of them has a formula like this one . Like in the description , it is really cushion-y or mousse like in texture . Since its a long lasting lipstick it is on the dry side . If you swatch it on hand ,it glides on perfectly and gives an airy soft feel and a velvety finish . But here is the catch . When applied on the lips , it doesn't glide on softly . Once on lips ,it feels kind of sticky and heavy . If you have a bad habit of smacking your lips (like me ),your will notice that due to stickiness , the lipstick starts to get uneven . It either transfers to lower or upper lip,gradually making one of them faded from the center . But hey , its a long lasting lipstick ! and guess what , it lasts about 8-10 hours straight WITH eating and drinking and talking to your heart's content ,can you believe that ? If you are still concerned about the stickiness of the lipstick , here is what you do . Moisturize your lips with the lip balm and then apply a thin layer with a lip brush and gradually build it up . This way you can control the product and evenly distribute it as well . Moreover the lip balm will prevent the stickiness and you get a smoother application 

MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick

MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick - Ingredients

The finish of these lipsticks is super matter and velvet like , which I absolutely love . These long lasting lipsticks come in 14 different shades . Currently I only own 1 ,that is Allure which is a lovely Tea pink color ,and gives a lovely pink nude tinge when applied just lightly ( Yes I have thing for Nude lipsticks ) . Initially I was very bummed about the formula but now that I have gotten hold if it , its my most used lipstick . One swipe full coverage , velvet matte finish and super long lasting , what else can I ask for in this summer which is determined to melt us ! 

All in all , I am absolutely in love with this lipstick and definitely getting a back up. You guys should check them out , don't give up on them and find a way to make them work for you and then you'll be hooked I promise !!


MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick- Allure

MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick- Allure ( On Bare lips/ exfoiated/ no balm applied)

MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick- Allure  ( Lip Balm applied underneath)

Thumbs up for :

  • Easily Available (in store and online)
  • Affordable price tag
  • Excellent product quality
  • Made from all Halal ingredients ( Parabens/ carmine free, Cruelty free)
  • Chic Packaging 
  • No fragrance 
  • Super long lasting 
  • Velvet Matte finish

Thumbs Down for:

  • Limited shade range
  • Formula feels very dry and sticky
  • Transferable

My Rating: 

I would rate the MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick as


. Only if the formula is improved to be a little less sticky , I would be as happy as a lark ! 

Price and Availability:

The MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick is priced for

Pkr 850/

- . These are available at MM Makeup Counters set at all major shopping malls through our the country . Also available at all Depilex branches nationwide. You can also order them online from

MM Makeup Website

or any major online shopping portal such as







Have you tried the MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick? Is the formula something you would opt for the longevity it gives ? Do let me know your opinions in the comments below

Stay blessed

Sherry K


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