24 Hrs of matte kisses for everyone with Clazona Beauty 24hrs long lasting lipgloss - Review & Swatch

Lip creams, lip creams everywhere!  And why shouldn't they be? Everyone loves that matte kiss proof pout (read : eating proof, drinking proof, talking proof, lip biting proof) that looks and feels so luxurious. While all the high end  and the drug store brands coming out with their lip creams, I on the other hand had to try something before I went crazy-shopping for them. So, I present to you 24-Hrs long lasting lip gloss by my new found love CLAZONA BEAUTY.

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My Experience :

Clazona Beauty 24 Hr Long Lasting Lip Gloss

Clazona Beauty 24 Hr Long Lasting Lip Gloss
Clazona Beauty 24 Hr Long Lasting Lip Gloss

Clazona Beauty 24 Hr Long Lasting Lip Gloss

During my random strolls to the makeup section at my nearest grocery mall, I have found this relatively unknown brand that has so many products in cheap prices to try. In one of such strolls, I swatched their 24 hr long lasting glosses, that to my amazement dried to a matte finish and stayed put during my whole shopping, so I picked the safest color out of them (Number 522 ; A muted nude with pink undertones) Their are around 24 colors in this lip gloss range that range from muted nudes to bright pinks & burgundies, some pure matte while some have shimmer in them, so all in all their is a color for everyone in it!
The lip gloss comes in a small self standing tube with a twist open doe-foot wand. There is no proper mentioning as to what sort of Lip gloss is this (actually this isn't a gloss in any remote way). Each of the tubes has its number mentioned onnthe sticker below. I would have loved it more if they had given names to each color (like NYX lip creams), it makes me feel more connected to the product or may be I am just being finicky. The lip gloss has a thick consistency and sticks to your lips nicely. One swipe is opaque enough to cover up your lips nicely. I would suggest a swift application because the lip gloss starts drying and setting immediately. Spread it evenly over the lips and wait for about 1-2 minutes and voila!  A perfect matte pout. Another good thing about this gloss has no smell of any kind.
Now for the 24 hours claim, O actually didn't try it for 24 hours lol but the longest I wore this was around 8-10 hours.  Without eating or drinking it stayed put nicely all the time, by the end of 6th hour it started to fade at the corners and inside of the lips. At the end of the 10 hours it had faded to an even tint to my lips.
With eating and drinking, it stayed put for about 4-6 hours but faded fastly if not taken care of. Even after a luxurious dinner with all the oily kebabs and biryani, it was still there as a tint. So 24 hours claim might be true if you don't move your lips a bit ;-) but with all the humanly activities, it tends to stay for a good 6 hours minimum!


  • Line your lips with the wand and then fill it with the gloss, this will make it a lot easier to get the perfect application every time 
  • Take a small amount on the wand and spread it evenly & swiftly, this will give even application 
  • Try not to smack your lips after application as we tend to do after applying lipstick, rather keep your lips parted till its dried completely, this will prevent sticking of lips and cracking of the gloss.


Clazona Beauty 24 Hr Long Lasting Lip Gloss- Swatch

Clazona Beauty 24 Hr Long Lasting Lip Gloss

Clazona Beauty 24 Hr Long Lasting Lip Gloss

Thumbs up for :

  • Easy and nation wide availability 
  • Affordable 
  • 24 colors to choose from 
  • Long wear time
  • Wand gives precise and even application 
  • No smell
  • Dries to a matte finish 
  • Fades to an even tint

Thumbs down for:

  • No proper names of the shades 
  • Eating and drinking makes lasting time shorter
  • Some colors have glitter, that some of you might not like


Clazona beauty 24 hrs long lasting lip glosses are available nation wide at clazona counters and at local cosmetics shops for Pkr 150-200 (depending upon seller)

Rating :

I would give this baby a 4.5/5. This is a total win-win for me in this price!

Have you tried any product by Clazona beauty yet? What lip creams have you tried so far? Do let me know in the comments below

Stay blessed

Sherry k

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